Sarah and Jareth reunite
Sarah and Jareth reunite labyrinth stories
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Sarah wants to rekindle her relationship with Jareth now that's she's all grown up.

Sarah and Jareth reunite

It had been ten years since they last danced. She still remembered every second by his side.

Jareth had been terrible, demanding her baby brother in exchange for her love, but he had still been the most fascinating man she had ever met.

Sarah tried to have a normal life, she tried to go to college and date ordinary guys, but she never was happy by their sides.

So now, 10 years after they last met, Sarah was determined to see him again. To ask him to take her into his kingdom, dance with her once more... make her his queen.

And so Sarah sat in front of her vanity chair's mirror and stared intensely at her own reflection, whispering his name slowly. She did it once, twice, three times, and then closed her eyes.

When she opened them again, sitting on the other side of the mirror was not her own reflection but instead Jareth, looking just as he did all those years ago.

Sarah, you called" He spoke, with that little smirk and those incredible eyes.

"I did" She replied, smiling at the idea that not only did she call, but he answered, "I want to come with you. Join you now, without any demands, without any conditions."

"I want to be your queen if you'll have me."

Jareth's silence seemed to last an eternity, but in the end, just as she was losing hope, he stretched his arm toward her, his hand crossing the mirror as if it was mere water.

Sara took his hand and he helped her cross the mirror into his world, to become the queen she was always meant to be.

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