River Song and the Doctor
River Song and the Doctor doctor who stories

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The Doctor and River Song meet again.

River Song and the Doctor

"Hello, sweetie!"

That voice!

The Doctor turned around with a bright smile, opening his arms wide to catch Riversong as she rushed toward him.

He was alone this time around, taking a little vacation in one of Alpha Septilum's three moons, standing by his TARDIS. And still, River had found him, as she always managed to do, somehow.

She ran into his arms and hugged him tightly, kissing him all over his face, making the Doctor chuckle.

"Missed me?"

"Too much!" She replied, chuckling softly, and finally letting go of her beloved Doctor after kissing him tenderly on the lips. "Nice to see you all alone. I don't have to share you today"

"You don't, but I have a feeling you already knew that"

"No, no, sweety. Spoilers!" She chuckled, winking sensually.

The doctor held her hand as they began walking away from the TARDIS, feeling like this day was only getting better by the second.

"I missed you, River. I'm glad you're here"

"You know I'm always a call away, sweetie. Whenever you need me, I'm here for you" She replied, staring at the gorgeous landscape all around them.

"Want to go on an adventure, just the two of us?"

Riversong stared his way with a bright, earnest smile and nodded.

"I thought you'd never ask!"

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