Rick's baby pictures
Rick's baby pictures castle stories

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Rick's mother comes up with the brilliant idea of showing off his baby pictures!

Rick's baby pictures

"You just must see my Richard's baby pictures, Kate!"

That had been how it all started. Kate, Alexis, and Richard were having breakfast while his mother was rambling on an on about... something. Richard wasn't sure: he wasn't really listening.

He rarely did when it came to his mom.

And then, out of nowhere, came that suggestion.

Rick groaned, tried to stop this from happening, but Kate and Alexis' eyes opened wide and nodded immediately.

"I just need to see this" Kate chuckled, her smile teasing as she looked over at her husband.

"Oh, dad's baby pictures! I bet he was so chubby and silly!"

"Watch it, young lady" Rick tried to reprimand his daughter playfully, in a last attempt to save himself from this embarrassment.

It certainly did not work.

During the following hour, Rick Castle had to endure the three women in his life gushing and laughing over a big photography book filled with pictures from his youth,

sulking in a corner as he tried -and failed- to distract them with offers of lunch out.

"How much longer do I have to endure this hell?" He grunted, somewhere between annoyed and amused.

"I do have another book with pictures from his teenage years" The older woman chirped in, just as they were beginning to finish the first batch.

It seemed this was going to be a trying day for Rick, and there as really no escaping it.

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