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Lieutenant Commander Shepard was brought back from the dead, his body reconstructed, his life restored. But was that what he truly wanted?


Lieutenant Commander Shepard could remember his own death.

He remembered struggling to remain in the ship, he remembered the horrible feelings floating adrift in space filled him with,

how his body burnt and he gasped desperately for air as his suit's pressure seals failed.

He remembered all of it, and how he finally lost himself in the darkness, how the emptiness filled him completely as his heart stopped beating. It was over.

He could, at least, rest in peace at last.

They wouldn't let him go, though. They created a new body for him. A body intertwining the organic and synthetical in a single being.

He was still struggling to adjust to his new life, his new... everything. He looked like he used to, save for his new scars, but he felt everything had changed in more ways than one.

Shepard sat alone in his room, the only place he got a respite from the constant decision making and people who demanded his attention and opinions... his help.

He had died, he was finally at peace, and yet they had brought him back.

He remembered dying, and each time he closed his eyes, he remembered how it felt to suffocate horribly until the very life was drawn from his being.

Shepard wished they had just let him rest. His time was over, but now the clock was reset, and he had no say in the matter.

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