Planning mom’s birthday gift
Planning mom’s birthday gift lisa stories

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The loud kids almost forgot their mom's birthday and must figure out what to get for the best mother in the world!

Planning mom’s birthday gift

"I called this reunion of the Loud kids because we are facing an urgent conundrum" Lisa spoke solemnly in front of his brother and sisters,

who were all sitting uncomfortably in her room, far too small to fit them with ease.

"What's a conundrum?" Leni asked, raising her hand as if she was in class, brow furrowed in confusion as she tried to make heads from tails of what one of her little sisters was saying.

"And why are we all piled up in this tiny room instead of downstairs in the living room?!" Lori protested in frustration as she pushed Lincoln away, "You're poking me with your elbow!"

"It's a problem" Lisa explained, adjusting her glasses "And we're here because we don't want mom listening to our meeting."

"You see, I just checked and double checked my calculations, and I realized... "

She shuffled through a big stack of pages before turning them around so the rest of the kids could see.

"We forgot mom's birthday is tomorrow."

Panic ensued: Leni was close to tears thinking how sad Rita would be at all her children, forgetting about such a special occasion.

Luna and Luan were arguing about who should perform for their mom's birthday; Lucy seemed to think that life was really as dark as it appeared,

Lori offered to jump in the car and buy her something before their mother realized their mistake.

"I'm gonna go tell mom!" Lola squealed and had to be stopped by Lana to keep her from tattling on them all.

"What if we get her a day off?"

Lincoln suggested, and his ten sisters turned to look at him in confusion "She has to take care of us every day! What if we are the one taking care of her for a day?"

"Like a spa day?" Lola asked, dreamily, imagining getting pampered like that.

"Oh, a spa day is a great idea! We'll make mom look pretty!" Leni added, beginning to think about what clothes she could select for her mom to wear.

"And play music for her to relax to" Luna chimed in, with Luan mentioning she could also put up a stand-up show during lunch.

"Then it's settled!" Lori took reign of the organization, loving the idea of bossing her sisters around all day long as they pitched in on mom's birthday gift.

"We'll give her a full spa experience, and she won't have to lift a finger all day long! Manicure, massage, exfoliating mask..."

"Girly stuff" Lincoln added, already all too used to it.

After all, having ten sisters, it was inevitable for one to be constantly surrounded by all things girly! "It sounds like a great gift! Mom's going to love it."

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