Piloting the Ghost
Piloting the Ghost star wars rebels stories
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Hera shows Ezra her piloting skills

Piloting the Ghost

"I thought you'd enjoy a little ride, Ezra. Unwind, get your mind off your training," Hera explained as she invited Ezra to seat by her side in the cockpit.

"I really would like that" The young padawan smiled sheepishly, relieved someone was offering him a rest.

"What do you say I should you a few tricks?"

"Aw, that would be awesome!" Ezra exclaimed excitedly, nodding as he buckled in.

Hera was undoubtedly one of the Rebellion best pilots, and learning from her was going to be incredible!

During the next few hours, Ezra experienced a crash course in the most incredible maneuvers and tricks in Hera's repertoire.

She swirled the Ghost around as if it was her own body, turning it sharply left and then right; up and down in sudden and sharp twists.

"Whoah, that's amazing!" He screamed as she made the ship roll over and over as if dodging intense attacks from invisible enemies.

"I'll teach you, if you'd like" Hera suggested, giving him a bright, encouraging smile.

"Hell yes, I'd like to!" He screamed excitedly.

Hera slowed down the ship and stood up, offering the pilot's seat to Ezra.

"Sit down then, and let's begin with the basics."

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