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Symmetria can't deal with the mess around her.


Her entire world was about perfection. Satya Vaswani has grown up to nothing, pure poverty, yet her abilities had been her key to a better life.

While most light-bending architects used procedural motions, she went a step ahead, using the dances from her native lands to perfect her creations.

Satya, who assumed the name Symmetra many years ago, was an utter perfectionist, never allowing the world around her to remain imperfect the way it was.

She believed in altering reality, and that sacrifices must be made along the way to ensure a better world for the future.

It wasn't easy, and it wasn't without pain, but all losses would be worth it at the end when the ideal world was finally crafted.

She worked better on her own, that was the truth, and yet sometimes she was included in other groups.

It drove her crazy! People weren't usually as detail-oriented as she was, and picking up their mess was insufferable.

If only people could appreciate the value of order and beauty, then she would get along with them marvelously!

Symmetra sighed as she entered the home she was sharing with her companions during their mission,

seeing clothes spread around as if the living room was a massive closet instead of a room to rest and relax.

She couldn't handle this for much longer! This mission truly needed to be over as soon as humanly possible.

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