No means no
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No means no. Being drunk isn't an excuse, and going on a date doesn't automatically mean yes.
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No means no

I liked you, I really did.

We hung out all night, music blasting through the party.

People talking around us, but I only had eyes for you.


Your handsome face, your charming smile, your strong arms.

I was so attracted to them yesterday.

Now, looking down at the marks you've left on my skin, I wonder why I ever allowed myself to be fooled by looks.

Your strong arms pinned me down. Your hands ripped my clothes.

I said no. You pretended I was joking and kept going.

Kept touching me. Pinning me down, kissing my lips to keep me from saying "No" again.

I laid there, stunned. I should have screamed. Why didn't I scream? The music continued blasting just outside the closed door. Would anyone have heard me?

Would anyone have cared?

"You like it" You whisper as you steal something from me I can never get back.

Your lips are no longer as soft and enticing as they seemed hours ago.

They're two worms crawling on my skin, ignoring my whimpers.

You tell me to just enjoy it. You know I'll like it.

I don't.

I want to run away, run, and never look back. Curl up in my bed under the covers and pretend this is nothing but a nightmare.

You move on top of me, letting me know how good I feel. I shake my head, and you kiss me again.

Your tongue fills my mouth like a snake hunting its prey.

I can't move. Why didn't I push you away, they'll ask. I can already hear their voices in my mind. Why didn't you bite him, fight back?

Why didn't you do something?

But it's not me who should have done something. It's you. You should have stopped when I said no.

You should have kept your hands away, you should have stopped pinning me down, sinking your fingers against my skin. How many marks did you leave behind?

They'll fade soon, the ones on my skin at least.

The ones in my soul? The ones no one can see? They'll linger on and on and on.

You smile at me the following morning in class. Wave my way. I look away. I bet you're wondering why I'm being such a bitch, ignoring you.

Don't you see what you stole from me? Don't you see being drunk isn't an excuse?

Yes. I kissed you first last night. I liked you, so much. But you kept going on and on and on. You didn't stop.

I said no. Only you could hear me, the world outside that room wasn't a witness to what you did.

She said, he said is what follows after that.

But you know the truth, I know the truth.

Even today, I still feel your hands against my arms. Pinning me down.

Your breath floods my nostrils, I haven't been able to smell anything else since last night.

The world keeps spinning round, and no one realizes I'm still trapped in that bed. My mind's still there. Still saying no, no, no.


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