Next time, let's not pretend to be cousins
Next time, let's not pretend to be cousins teen wolf stories

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Stiles tries a little stunt to get Derek to notice he's into him... but will it work?

Next time, let's not pretend to be cousins

"So, I've been thinking..." Stiles began talking and Derek was immediately wary.

Stiles had a tendency of speaking too much. It was one of the things that Derek found both annoying and endearing about the teenager.

"That's never good" Derek muttered, but Stiles just kept going. That guy had a mouth in him, there was no denying it.

"Last time we needed a coverup story for you being in my room, I pretended we were cousins, remember?"

"Yeah, I remember" Derek replied, arching his brow. "So what?"

"Next time, let's not pretend to be cousins"

"So what should we pretend we are?" He asked, leaning in and giving Stiles his characteristic intense look, which made Stiles blush as always.

"Well... I was thinking..."

"There it is again. It's never a good idea when you start thinking"

"Perhaps this time it is" He mumbled, between embarrassed and excited. "Perhaps we could pretend you were my boyfriend"

Derek seemed stunned for a second and then raised his brow even sharper.

"You do?"

"Well... I was thinking we could even begin pretending we were dating... right now?"

The silence between them was tense, palpable, as Stiles waited for Derek's reaction.

He gulped as the brooding werewolf leaned closer and closer, worried he'd get hit!

Instead, though, Derek's reaction surprised and relieved him at the same time: He kissed him! A powerful, intense kiss that shook him to his very core.

Stiles smiled into the kiss, unable to believe his silly plan had actually worked!

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