My life has changed since I met you
My life has changed since I met you star vs the forces of evil stories

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Marco's life has changed since he met Star.

My life has changed since I met you

Star and Marco were outside, laying on the grass and staring up into the stars in the skies. Marco couldn't avoid thinking they were just as pretty as she was.

They had been running around different dimensions all day long, jumping from adventure to adventure, and were now enjoying a quiet moment together, holding hands and staring silently at the sky.


"Yes, Marco?"

"I wanted to tell you something"

Star turned around on the ground and Marco did the same so that they were staring at each other instead.


Marco smiled and blushed lightly. She was so pretty.

"I used to be so boring... always playing it safe. But since you arrived in my life, everything has changed"

"Is that a good thing?" She joked, giggling sweetly.

"It's the best thing, silly." He replied immediately, squeezing her hand. "My life is amazing now. And not only because I've traveled everywhere and met so many new friends.

It's because you are here with me. And you are incredible."

Star's smile widened, her entire face glowing with her sudden flush.

"You are awesome, Marco" She replied, her smile so sweet and filled with love.

Marco reluctantly sat down, still holding Star's hand.

"Come, let's go home. Dinner must be ready by now"

Together, the two kids walked together toward Marco's home, feeling like the everything universe was finally in its right place for once.

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