My darling daughter
My darling daughter percy jackson stories

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Athena can't be close to her daughter, but this doesn't mean she doesn't love Annabeth dearly.

My darling daughter

It's been a lifetime since I last held you in my arms.

You were a baby. Sweet and small, defenseless.

I wanted to keep you by my side, but it wasn't allowed. None of us can keep their sons and daughters around, as much as it breaks my heart.

I am a goddess, and you are a mortal. Yes, you are different from most humans, you are a demigoddess and daughter of Athena herself, but you are still not allowed in Mount Olympus.

After all these years, I miss you dearly, and would give up everything I own to be by your side like a mother should.

I miss you, darling child.

I know you're not certain if I know of your life, if I know of your achievements, your bravery, your training. I know about it all, every detail and every smile.

You have such a beautiful smile, darling Annabeth... I wish you'd use it more often. I wish you had more reasons to smile, to laugh.

My darling Annabeth, one day we'll be together again, I know it. Just like when you were a baby and I got to hold you one last time before giving you away.

I love you with all my heart.

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