More than meets the eye
More than meets the eye teenwolf stories

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Stiles and Scott talk about Lydia and if there is more than meets the eye about her.

More than meets the eye

"I know everyone thinks she's nothing but a gorgeous girl, but that's not the case" Stiles protested as he spoke to his best friend, Scott.

"I don't know, Scott, she seems pretty silly"

The girl they were referring to was Lydia Martin, an incredibly popular and gorgeous student who seemed vapid at best, and Stiles' secret crush for the better part of his life.

"She's not, though. She's brilliant. She just knows how to hide it so well"

"And why would she do that?"

Stiles shrugged, not really caring to focus on the reasons why.

"I don't know, but she's doing it. I see right through that lie.

She's far more than meets the eye, Scott, she's far more than a cute face" Stiles smiled sheepishly "Not that her beauty is a bad thing. But I mean I like her for more than just her looks"

Scott shrugged, not certain how right his best friend was about it.

"If you say so..."

"Now, if she just dumped that asshole she has for a boyfriend, perhaps we could begin dating instead..."

"Now I know you're just delirious" Scott chuckled as they entered their classroom "A girl like Lydia would never give us a second look"

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