Missing her
Missing her teenwolf stories

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Scott deals with the aftermath of losing Allison

Missing her

Scott sat silently on his bed, staring out the window.

He couldn't think straight, every inch of his body ached. Not because he had been hurt or harmed, but because the pain from his heart was spreading all over his being.

He had never experienced anything of the sort: Losing Allison, it was too much to bear. She had died in his arms, as he tried desperately to save her.

In the end, it had all been in vain. All his efforts, all his prayers.

She was gone.

Allison would never again smile at him. She would have no bright future ahead of her. They'd never get a chance of trying to get back together.

It was all gone now.

Allison died in his arms, and Scott didn't know how to handle this fact. He wasn't even angry any longer, he was just... sad. Sad in a way he didn't know he could ever be.

He sobbed quietly, unable to stand up and even walk downstairs. He should go back to school, but he couldn't handle talking to people right now.

He missed her so much... it was hard getting to grips with the reality that he'd never see her again.

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