Luffy's birthday feast
Luffy's birthday feast one piece stories

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Nami has a special birthday gift planned out for Luffy

Luffy's birthday feast

What's the fastest way to a man's heart? Why, his stomach! And this was never truer than in Luffy's case. For a guy that skinny, it was amazing how much meat he could get in his stomach!

Nami was many things: she was a thief, she was a cartographer, she was obsessed with money, but she was not a fantastic cook!

She usually preferred eating fruit and was not obsessed with massive meals as Luffy was, but since this was a special occasion, she'd make an effort for him!

It was Luffy's birthday, and other than getting him a new straw hat (which he'd never exchange for his old one!), this was the best gift she could think of.

So Nami spent the entire morning cooking, the whole ship smelling of meat, meat and more meat!.

Sanji had agreed to help her just by promising him she would allow him to flirt with her for a while, and so she was getting some good advice here and there.

Lunchtime finally arrived, and Luffy was, of course, the first one to barge in, ready to sink his teeth into whatever she had been cooking all morning long!

The table was filled with all kind of dishes, every single one of his favorite meals, and Luffy's smile was so big it filled his whole silly face!

Nami grinned brightly and clasped her hands together at his arrival.

"Happy birthday, Luffy!" She exclaimed, but her good mood was erased when he didn't as much as offer a reply before lunging himself over the food "Hey! A little thank you would be nice!"

"Yeah, yeah! Thank you! Now let's eat!" Luffy was far too distracted with the food laying before him to pay attention to anything else.

Nami was about ready to begin yelling at him, but with a big sigh, she smiled instead.

It was his birthday. He'd get a pass on acting like an idiot today.

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