Life outside the camp
Life outside the camp percy jackson stories

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Annabeth has spent her entire life locked up in the camp.

Life outside the camp

Annabeth had spent her entire life locked away, training, focusing on being the very best she could be.

She wanted adventure, she wanted to be allowed to go to missions. She wanted to prove herself to the world, to herself, and to her mother.

And yet she had only been allowed to leave the camp a handful of times, even being now almost an adult.

Annabeth wanted to experience the world outside, she wanted to learn what she had missed and become more than she could be while locked up in a single place!

Sure, she had won more fights than she could count, but she had never experienced the real thing, never been allowed to show her true potential.

And so she was determined to leave with Percy, help him in his quest and show all around her just what she could do with her powers. Prove that there was more than met the eye about her.

Perhaps if she tried hard enough, if she impressed the Gods enough, she'd be allowed to meet her mother, at least once. Perhaps she'd be allowed to talk to her and learn from her.

For now, all she needed as a successful quest, and going outside the camp with Percy was going to grant her precisely that.

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