Let me be there for you
Let me be there for you tokyo ghoul stories

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Hide tries desperately to get in contact with Kaneki in the aftermath of his terrible accident and lifesaving surgery.

Let me be there for you

Hide sent yet another text message. He couldn't remember how many he had sent Kaneki over the past few days, how many times he had come knocking at his apartment's door.

Kaneki had been his best friend ever since they were children, each time Ken had any problem, every time Ken was suffering, Hide would be there for his best friend,

and he desperately wanted to do the same this time around.

After all, Kaneki had been forced to endure yet another traumatic experience: after his mother's and father's untimely death, it seemed nothing worse could happen to the literature student,

but Lady Luck seemed to be far crueler than anyone expected her to.

Still, he was alive and was Hide trying hard to cheer his friend up, but how was he supposed to do it when Kaneki wouldn't even open the door, answer his calls or his emails?

He had tried everything to get in contact with the damned idiot, but he had completely shut down.

Even if he was annoyed, he was more so worried, and that was the truth. He wouldn't say it out loud, but he was terrified of what sequels his best friend could be dealing with all by himself.

He'd pretend he just was bored and needed someone to entertain him when they met, but the reality was that he was trying his best to reach out to Kaneki.

Why this time around he was being continuously rejected was something Hide couldn't understand.

"Answer the phone!" Hide cried at his cellphone, staring at the hundred unanswered texts, "What's the matter, Kaneki? I just want to help you..."

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