Leni's wedding day
Leni's wedding day loud house stories

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Leni's getting married! She's so happy to have her family with her when she says I do!

Leni's wedding day

Lori couldn't believe this day had finally arrived. She had been planning it for so long, and now it finally was here!

She had met her boyfriend at college, while away from her family. It had been so hard being away from all her sisters and her baby brother, spending so much time on her own.

Lucas had arrived as a sort of savior, and considering he had no siblings, he was glad to earn a new family when he began dating her.

Now, their wedding day had finally arrived, and though it had been a big struggle, Lori had managed to get 8 of her sisters to be her bridesmaids.

The only one she spared was little Lily, being so young wanted nothing but to be the flower girl! And so Lori decided to spoil her and let her be just that!

Her wedding gown was gorgeous, white and delicate, with a long and silky tail. It had been designed by Leni, making it all the more special to her.

Sweet Leni might be ditsy, but her talent when it came to fashion and clothes was unparalleled.

All of her sisters except for Lily wore the same lilac, pretty dresses, all designed by Leni as well!

Her mom had been crying all morning long, repeating she couldn't believe her little girl was getting married!

Lori had to beg her to stop because she was worried she'd begin sobbing as well and ruin her make up!

Lucas had even agreed to have Lincoln as his best man, and it caused her great glee to see her only brother standing by her husband to be's side as she walked slowly down the aisle,

holding her father's arm tightly and smiling as only a woman deeply in love could.

"Are you happy, Lori?" Her dad asked her just a few steps before they reached the altar.

"Happier than I've ever been, daddy!"

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