Kimberly & Tommy
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Kimberly's inner thoughts as she considers if she's brave enough to ask Tommy out.

Kimberly & Tommy

Kimberly stared at Tommy from across the cafeteria at the Angel Grove Youth Center's juice bar, where they spent most of their time as normal teenagers.

That was when they were not rescuing the world repeatedly from Rita and Lord Zedd's minions!

When she was allowed to act like a teenager, there was one main thought in her mind other than homework and her friends... and that was just how cute Tommy looked most of the time.

He was always so nice to her, and though they trained together and hung out, he never seemed to ask her out. Was she supposed to be the one to make the first move?

Kimberly tugged a rebellious strand of curly brown hair behind her ear, stepping closer to where he was standing, chatting idly with Zack,

and just as she was making up her mind to ask him out already, her wristwatch began buzzing!

Kimberly, Zack, and Tommy exchanged looks, knowing it was time to get the others and assemble! Some kind of ruckus demanded their attention.

As she rushed toward them, and the three of them began walking outside to find Trini and Billy, Tommy gave her a funny glance.

It seemed he was trying, just like her, to say something but unable to gather the courage to do so!

"Hey, Kim... Could we walk after this is over? You and me alone?"

Kim smiled brightly at this, nodding enthusiastically. There was something about the way Tommy's gorgeous black eyes glimmered that made her believe this was finally it!

"Sure, I---"

"Hey, guys, we have to get going!" Trini's voice called in the distance. It seemed Zack had run into them just as he rushed outside.

"Zordon's calling! Rita's Putty Patrollers are attacking the city!"

"Talk to you later, then?" Kim asked brightly.

She had already made up her mind: If he didn't ask her out, then she would!

If they were strong and determined enough to save the world on a daily basis, then she could be bold enough to ask a guy out if he continued stumbling around with his words!

Tommy and Kimberly rushed to join their teammates, transforming into their fighting suits after making sure no one was around to learn of their secret identities.

Time to save the city along with her best friends... and her not-so-secret crush!.

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