Kiddo, we need to talk
Kiddo, we need to talk castle stories

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Richard gets ready to tell Alexis about his relationship with Kate.

Kiddo, we need to talk

"Alexis, we need to talk" Richard had been postponing this moment for hours now, pretending he was too busy writing but just trying to avoid talking to his daughter.

It wasn't that Alexis didn't like Kate: In fact, the two had grown quite close to one another over time.

The thing was, she had seen him suffer for his unrequited love, and he knew she'd have a hard time believing this was going to be the real thing.

After all, her father was undoubtedly one for skipping from a date to the next in record time.

"Wow, so serious!" Alexis replied, somewhere between surprised and amused, looking up from her book. "What's up, dad?"

Rick sat down by her side and patted his daughter sweetly on the shoulder.

"You know I love you, right, kiddo?" Alexis chuckled and nodded. "And I love you too, dad. Why are you so nervous?"

"Well... I wanted to talk to you about Kate" Alexis didn't reply, just nodded, looking mildly concerned.

"Well, since I don't know exactly where to begin, I'll just blurt it out, and you can react: We are dating."

Well, that was out now. Alexis seemed, indeed, stunned at first, then worried, and then mildly relieved.

"Dating? Like dating-dating? Or just sort of seeing each other?"

"Dating-dating, whatever that means. We are giving our relationship a real shot."

"Are you sure about this, dad? I--- Well, I like her and all, but I've seen you pine over her miserably before."

"Yes, I'm sure." He replied confidently, smiling at his daughter's overprotectiveness. "You are a good kid, sweetheart."

"Not a kid any longer, you know..." She replied, rolling her eyes and smiling with mild irritation. "Well, if you're sure... I'm happy for you two. I know how long you've waited for a chance."

Richard smiled and hugged his daughter tenderly, kissing her forehead.

"I'm glad you think so, Alexis."

"Just FYI, know that you're probably getting shot if you mess this up. Kate's got a temper... and a gun!"

"Oh, I'm well aware of that" He chuckled, smiling at his daughter and motioning toward the kitchen "Come, let's get us some dinner."

"So... when are you gonna tell granma about this?"

"All in due time, sweetheart" "Tell me what?" A voice came from the next room, and Richard's mother stepped into the room with immediate curiosity and hunger for gossip.

"Sorry dad, but you'll have to handle this on your own" Alexis chuckled, and walked toward the kitchen alone, chuckling at her father's misfortune.

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