To see him again

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Kaneki finds the strength to survive the torture Yakumo forces him to endure by clinging to the idea that he will get to see Hide again.

To see him again

The pain was unlike anything he had ever experienced before in his life.

Kaneki's torture stretched out for what felt like years, even if it had only been days.

Whenever it seemed to be enough, to be too much for him to bare any longer, it began over and over and over again each time he regenerated.

How could he endure any longer? How could he keep an inch of his sanity intact to ever hope to survive this hell he was being put through?

The only hope he could cling on through his ordeal was thinking about Hide. Thinking he'd see him again, believing they'd hug once more, that he'd be able to kiss him, or even see him smile.

Kaneki knew how much his death would hurt Hide, his most faithful friend and the person has always loved the most.

Through his time enduring Yakumo's endless cruelty, Kaneki found himself realizing just how deep his feelings for Hide went. He was not only his best friend; he was so much more than that.

He was determined to get out, to escape, to return to his former life if only to confess his feelings to Hide, to let him know no one made his heart beat faster the way he could.

Kaneki needed to be strong, for Hide. He needed to survive; he needed to run back to that smile, which always brightened up his entire word.

For him, for Hide, Kaneki would survive.

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