Jedi training
Jedi training star wars rebels stories

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Kanan finally begins seeing true progress in his padawan's training. Proud mentor/mentee moment.

Jedi training

They had been training for months now, and much to his surprise, Kanan had to admit the kid was getting better.

Ezra was genuinely becoming a padawan in his own right and not just an annoying pain-in-the-ass.

Sure, Ezra still had lots to learn, and he still lacked proper discipline but compared to his skill set and patience when they had begun, his talents had skyrocketed.

"Good," He praised Ezra as he managed to repeat a complicated lightsaber riposte. "Again!"

"Again?!" Ezra protested, heaving from exhaustion "We've been at it for three hours now! Can't we take a break?"

"Ezra quit complaining: Again" Kanan replied sternly, attacking him to force him to move.

Much to his surprise, his young padawan didn't protest further. Instead, he kept on training and repeating the learned move as he was instructing.

Sure, the kid was still a bit of a brat, but he was taking his lessons to heart.

Progress. The Jedi Master smiled. That was all he wanted to see. Ezra was ready to get his very own lightsaber, at last.

"Good!" He praised him again, and Ezra smiled with confidence. It was clear his padawan was earning pride in his own skills, and not the blind, haughty kind.

It was good to want to get better, and Ezra was finally learning this lesson "Again!"

This time, Ezra complied without complaining. Baby steps, Kanan thought to himself. His padawan was truly begining to grow.

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