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Star realizes that strange feeling she's experiencing is jealousy!


Why was Star so angry all of a sudden? She couldn't quite understand it herself.

It was a feeling she had never experienced before, not just regular anger. It was fury mixed with sadness and confusion.

That odd feeling that reared its ugly head over and over, a strange emotion Star couldn't quite place no matter how hard she tried.

She tried to focus on it, trying to finally understand it. And suddenly, when she thought about Marco, when she saw his face and remembered that night at the concert, she realized what it was.

Jackie had been there as well, and the feeling upon remembering Jackie and Marco being together was so intense it made her stomach hurt.

Star sat up on her bed, unable to sleep, realizing at once what the odd, new feeling truly was.

She was... jealous!

Star couldn't believe it! She hadn't even fully realized she liked Marco in that way like a girl liked a boy instead of like a friend liked another friend.

But now, thinking about him, she noticed just how cute he truly was and how much she wished he'd kiss her instead of that silly Jackie!

"I am in love with Marco..." She whispered to herself, surprised by the sudden realization.

She hated feeling jealous. It was an ugly, painful feeling... would it go away if she talked to Marco about it?

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