It's tea time!
It's tea time! tokyo ghoul stories

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A sweet little story between Kaneki's daughter and her favorite uncle, Hide.

It's tea time!

"Uncle Hide's here, uncle Hide's here!" Ichika squealed as the door opened.

She had been watching tv with her dad, Ken Kaneki, but the moment Hide entered the apartment, she jumped onto her feet and rushed to meet the newcomer.

"How's the most beautiful little girl in the world?" Hide greeted her back and knelt so that Ichika could jump into his open arms.

After enjoying a sweet hug, Ichika stood back on the floor and took Hide's hand, guiding him to the living room, where her dad was waiting.

"Didn't know you were coming, Hide" Kaneki smiled at his best friend and daughter's godfather, always happy to see him.

"Yeah, well, I needed to see my goddaughter, I did promise I would drink tea with her and her teddies soon"

"Oh yay!" Ichika squealed in delight, jumping excitedly on the spot. "Can daddy have tea with us as well?"

Hide looked up at Kaneki and chuckled lightly, shrugging lightly before replying.

"You know, Ichika-chan? I think your daddy would rather have a nice cup of coffee instead"

Ichika giggled and nodded, grabbing both men's hands and bossily guiding them to her playroom to have pretend tea with her teddies and dolls.

"Daddy can have coffee, but uncle Hide and I are going to have tea!"

She announced and began pretending to prepare the tea service for all her guests, while Kaneki and Hide smiled at her meticulousness.

"She does take after her father, after all, doesn't she Kaneki?" Hide teased his best friend, and sat down on the floor, offering a tiny little cup for Ichaka to pour imaginary tea into.

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