It's game night!
It's game night! young justice stories

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It's game night!

It's game night!

They were relieved to finally get a night off, no mission or troubles in sight.

They were superheroes, sure, but they were also young and in need of blowing off some steam and just relaxing every once in a while!

So they had decided, after much deliberation, on having a game night!

It was a foreign concept for Megan and Superboy, but they agreed with different degrees of excitement: Miss Martian with lots of it, and Conner somewhat reluctantly.

"One rule!" Wally demanded, frowning at Robin and Conner "No trivial pursuit. I want a chance to actually win!"

"It's not our fault your head is empty" Robin shrugged, smirking smugly.

"He is programmed to know everything!" Wally protested once more, motioning toward Conner.

"Yeah, but I'd still be the one to beat you" Dick chuckled, and Wally finally decided it was best to stop feeding Batman's apprentice with more ammunition to tease him.

"Oh! I know, I know, I want to play Monopoly!" Megan squealed, raising her hand as if she was at school. "I've seen those commercials on tv, people on tv always look so happy playing it!"

Conner smiled at his girlfriend and nodded, placing his arm around her shoulders and kissing her cheek.

"I agree with Megan."

"Big surprise" Robin chimed in.

"I like Monopoly" Artemis retorted, and Robin shrugged "What about you, Wally?"

"Sure, that's a good one. At least I might win there."

"You suck at managing money, Kid Flash. No way you're winning."

"Just shut up, Robin!"

"Hey, this is game night!" Megan protested, "Stop bickering!" Artemis and Aqualad rolled their eyes. "Let's get started" Aqualad settled the argument, by placing the board on the table between them

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