It's a dangerous business, following your feet.
It's a dangerous business, following your feet. creepy stories

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Have you ever began walking idly, only to notice your feet know exactly where they are meant to go? Be careful to follow that path, you might be heeding orders only your unconscious mind can hear.


It's a dangerous business, following your feet.

It's a dangerous business, following your feet.

There's a voice your conscious mind cannot hear, but your unconsciousness sure notices it. Every second of every day.

It calls to you. It calls to us all.

It's a voice as ancient as time itself, a voice that lurks us into darkness, to its lair.

Every city on earth has a corner no one should walk into. A place where screams go unheard and pain is no longer a feeling, but the only reality.

People shrug at the crime rates around these areas and choose to make up excuses to feel safe. It's 'a bad neighborhood', they say.

But do they hear the strange laughter whenever blood is spilled? Do they notice the eyes lurking in the shadow, always staring, always alert?

No, they don't. And neither do you. If you are lucky enough, you'll remain blind and deaf to such horrors.

Only your unconscious mind will ever know about it, and so this entity remains a mystery, an invisible sneer.

You'll feel goosebumps in your arms but blame your wild imagination. There's nothing staring at you from that dark corner... right?

But what happens if one day your conscious and unconscious mind merge at the wrong time?

What happens if your sanity begins to slip, and you get a glimpse of the creature as old as time itself?

You will finally hear its voice then, loud and clear. Calling to you, hissing and whispering commands. It knows your name, it has always known your name.

You'll know something terrible is about to happen whenever you hear it laugh.

And no matter how far you run, you'll always find it, for it hides in every city, town, and village men inhabit. It feeds on our hatred, our violence, our crimes.

It tastes our spilled blood even from a distance.

It lurks, it waits, and it tempts us. It has nothing but time in its hands, and if you let your feet guide you, they will lead you to it.

Are you ready to meet the being lurking in the depths of your nightmares? Just close your eyes and walk.

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