It was love from the start

It was love from the start teen wolf stories

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Derek and Stiles finally admit their feelings for each other.

It was love from the start

At long last, they had admitted their feelings for each other. Stiles felt elated, finally able to say out loud what he had been feeling deep inside his heart for so long.

Derek, being his usual dominant and impulsive self had not resorted to words.

Instead, he had confessed his feelings for Stiles with a searing, passionate kiss which had stolen both their breaths away.

It was right then and there that they realized it had been this way from the very first time they met each other.

They had experienced a deep connection they didn't know how to deal with.

Through their snarkiness and rudeness, they were truly just trying to find an outlet to their mutual attraction.

Now, though, now it was all out in the open. They slept in each other's arms, cuddling and feeling relief in the warmth of their bodies until morning came.

Stiles awakened, slightly startled, and panicked for an instant, worried it had all been a dream.

He then felt Derek's heart beating as he laid on his strong, firm chest, and he smiled to himself. This wasn't a dream: it was real, and it all felt so perfect.

Like he belonged there, in Derek's arms.

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