I'm my own enemy
I'm my own enemy attack on titan stories

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Eren reflects on her true nature and what this means when he can turn into the same kind of creature that murdered his mother.

I'm my own enemy

How can it be? How can I be the same kind of disgusting creature that killed my mother?

The same kind of monster that walks around earth murdering innocent people, destroying villages, bringing mayhem and pain whenever they roam?

Those around me don't trust me any longer, I can see it. I can feel it.

I've heard the orders: If I were to lose control as a Titan, I am to be destroyed, murdered, as if I weren't one of them as well, as if I didn't fight by their sides.

It's in my very being, in my DNA, I am one of those monsters I feared as a child and that I loathed now. One of those horrid abominations that ripped my mother from my side.

How many deaths have they been responsible for? And yet here I stand, human and monster at the same time, unable to rip that terrible part off me.

I cannot get to grips with the reality I'm forced to face now. How can I accept my nature, how can I live now that I know the truth?

I am my own enemy, I am part of them. I'm rotten, against my wishes. There is nothing I can do to change this reality... But at least I could use it for good.

Use it to fight others like me, and bring peace to humanity.

It's the least I can do, to redeem myself.

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