I'll be there for them
I'll be there for them the walking dead stories

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Michonne's thoughts after Rick's death.

I'll be there for them

Judith's been through so much in her young life. She had lost her mother at birth, her brother not long ago and now her father.

She had lost so much for such a young child, and yet she was so strong, she was so willful. Just like her dad used to be. After all, he had sacrificed himself in the bridge for all of us.

It's so hard getting out of bed every morning after Rick passed away and yet I do it for my newfound family: Judith and the baby growing in my womb.

Rick left two children behind: Judith and our unborn son. I will raise them both will equal love and discipline. I will see it that they grow to be adults Rick would be proud of.

I'll be there for them, as their mother. I might have not given birth to Judith, but I see her as my daughter and cherish her as much as the baby growing stronger each day inside my womb.

Judith no longer asks about her dad... she's so young and yet she understands what is going on. It breaks my heart, but I know eventually she will be alright.

I'll be there for them and protect them until my dying breath.

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