I thought I'd never see you again
I thought I'd never see you again star vs the forces of evil stories

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After the drift is destroyed, Marco and Star are sure they'll never see each other again... but they didn't expect their worlds merging into one.

I thought I'd never see you again

They kissed for the last time, or so they thought.

After destroying all magic, Marco and Star knew that they'd never see each other again. After all, they'd be divided by different dimensions with no way to crossing from one to the other.

It was their last kiss, their last second together.

They were heartbroken, the hardest decision they made in their young life finally becoming a reality.

They wished they could stay together forever, but they had to focus on the greater good, as painful as it might be.

Instead of opening their eyes and seeing nothing but their own reality, away from each other's arms forever, Marco and Star were surprised to instead be standing in front of one another,

as if nothing had changed.

"What the hell? I thought we destroyed all magic" Star mumbled in confusion. It was Marco who looked around, gasping, and prompting Star to do the same.

Much to their surprise, the entire place had changed. Their two worlds had merged into a single one after the drift was destroyed.

"We... we get to stay together!" Marco exclaimed in surprise.

Star's eyes opened wide as marbles and she jumped onto Marco's arms, kissing him deeply, relieved that they didn't have to give their relationship up to restore order.

Now they'd be together forever!

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