I think you look prettier in black
I think you look prettier in black danny phantom stories
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Sam is being forced by her overbearing mom to try on pink dresses.

I think you look prettier in black


There she stood, wearing a pink dress with pink makeup and white high heels her mother had forced her to wear.

Sam was certain she looked like a muffin or a marshmallow and wanted the earth to swallow her.

"Don't you look, darling, Sammy?" Her mom squealed in delight, and Sam groaned in frustration, "You'll be the belle of the ball with this adorable dress."

"I told you, mom, I agreed to try it on to make you happy, but I'm not wearing this dress to prom."

"Don't be silly; you look so cute! You must wear it!" Her mother insisted. Before Sam could protest further, the bell rang, and her mom yelled out, "Just a minute!"

Turning to her daughter, she nodded toward the door.

"Go answer the door while I prepare the next dress for you to try on. We need to decide if you prefer pale pink or bright pink!"

Sam sighed and nodded, hoping it was no one she knew...perhaps it was just the mailman!

Much to her dismay, it was no one else but Danny himself!

"Wow, Sam, you look..." Danny stammered, opening his eyes wide as marbles

"Just as Paulina!" Sam hissed back, crossing her arms. "You must love it, right?" She was jealous, how could she refuse it? "What do you want?"

"I needed your help with a mission, but if you're too busy, I'll handle it myself."

"No, no, wait here. I'll change into my normal clothes, and we can leave" She replied, relieved to have an excuse to leave her mom's side and her silly dresses.

Before she closed the door, though, Danny stooped her, placing his hand on her arm sweetly.

"You know, Sam, you'll look good in anything you choose to wear...but you look far prettier in black."

Sam couldn't help but smile brightly at this, and leaned forward, kissing Danny on the cheek.

"I'll be ready in 5 minutes" She announced, closing the door unable to keep herself from smiling dreamily, loving the fact that her boyfriend really did like her for the way she was.

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