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I see auras, and think I just discovered a terrible secret.

I see auras

Up to a few weeks ago, I was a normal man. I had a normal family, a normal job, a normal life.

I went to work, spent time with my family, would even watch a game with a cold beer on Sundays. Nothing out of the ordinary... at least until the accident, that is.

That was when I began noticing a dim, strange color emanating from the people around me.

At first, I figured there was something wrong with my eyes, but the doctors run a million different tests and everything was fine. At least fine with my eyes.

The car accident I had been involved me got me a nasty concussion and a fractured leg, but otherwise, I was fine.

It was when I was ready to admit something must be wrong with my head, that I realized the colors seemed to have meaning.

If someone was surrounded by a pink hue, they were happy, starting a new relationship.

If it was pale blue, they were sad, dealing with problems in their lives.

Gold, they were proud of something they'd accomplished. Bit by bit I began asking questions and seeing it tied so well with the color I was seeing.

Until I noticed my wife's aura. Floating around her, in a way most auras didn't move. Like it was trying to hide, and it managed to at first. But now, as I grew more aware of...

Well, let's call it a gift?

As I grew more aware of my gift, it couldn't seem to hide any longer.

It was grey and stormy, and it took me a long time to find someone else with that same aura. I watched, without daring make any assumptions, until that fateful day.

The day I saw a woman being dragged into the police station while on my way home from work. A woman the news later informed had murdered her husband.

The same aura. Stormy, grey, dusty even.

I checked the safety box in my office, the one I keep my gun locked away in. It's no longer there.

I don't know what to do next. What if it's all in my head?

What if I can really read auras?

How can I be certain one way or another, before it's too late to do anything about it?

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