I miss them
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Ziva's in hiding and everyone believes she is dead. A POV story about her thoughts as she pretends to be dead for her family's sake.

I miss them

It's been so long since I last saw the love of my life. Tony... I miss him terribly.

And my darling little daughter, Tali. I wonder how she's doing, how big she must have gotten.

Last I heard about her through my connections; she was living in Paris, enjoying her life there with his father and trying to get over my death.

I miss them so much.

I wish I could be there by their sides, watch my son grow, spend my solitary life by the man I promised to love and honor until my dying day.

But I'm supposed to be dead, right? I'm supposed to be dead, and it's better for them to believe this is true, even if it hurts.

If only I could call Tony, tell him the truth, tell him about all the problems I'm facing, how dangerous it is for me to be with them know.

If only he could at least know that I'm still out there and that I'll return to him and to our daughter one day... but I can't.

It's their safety, their wellbeing I'm concerned about. People are hunting me down, dangerous people, and if I spend my days by my family's side, I'm putting them in grave danger.

I must endure. Until this mess is solved. Until I can get rid of my attackers.

Soon I will hug my sweet Tali again, and kiss the love of my life. For now, I must wait.

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