I can't lose you
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Hide tries to convince Kaneki to eat, even if it means murdering another human being. He cannot afford to lose the love of his life, and is ready to finally show him how much he cares to save his friend.

I can't lose you

Hide stood there, staring at Kaneki with concern even he couldn't hide.

Hide was an expert at pretending to be clueless about his friend's needs and emotions while trying to cheer him up in silly ways, but today, there was no way he was concealing his worries.

"Kaneki, you need to eat!" Hide screamed as he moved closer to his best friend.

Kaneki was cowering in his bedroom, trembling and gripping at his own arms, as if trying to force himself to remain glued to the floor.

"I can't! I can't murder anyone else. It's too much. I just want to be human again."

"I just want to be normal!" Kaneki screamed back, his red eye impossible to hide any longer, his expression as inhuman as Hide had noticed in the dark-haired teenager.

A heavy silence filled the room as Kaneki continued to tremble miserably.

Hide paused before trying to move closer, but Kaneki pushed himself backward, as if afraid he'd eat anyone who stepped to close to him

"You will die if you don't eat!" Hide hissed, his tone heavy with concern and fear.

Not fear for his own life, but for his friend's! If push came to shove, he'd happily give his own life for Kaneki. He loved him too much to see him suffer this way.

"You---you don't understand, Hide, I want to be human again" Kaneki whimpered, hiding his face between his hands and whimpering miserably.

Hide knelt by his best friend's side, grabbing him by the arms and startling the one-eyed ghoul.

Before he could push Hide away, the blonde-haired young man pushed himself closer and kissed Kaneki on the lips, resting his hand on his friend's cheek.

Kaneki was too stunned to react straight away, finding great relief in the tender, loving kiss.

"Do it for me..." Hide whispered, moving an inch away from Kaneki's warm lips. He loved him so much... Hide couldn't lose Ken Kaneki. Not now, not ever. "I love you too much to lose you, please"

Ken stared at Hide with a wide-eyed stare, his red eye softening and returning to his usual dark color.

"For you... I'll do it for you" Kaneki reluctantly agreed, and leaned forward, catching Hide's lips with his own and suddenly feeling fully human once more, if only for one blissful moment.

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