His greatest secret
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Gibbs has kept a secret so terrible no one can know about.

His greatest secret

Gibbs kept a single secret most of his adult life. There were others along the way but were eventually abandoned or simply they did not matter any longer.

He would not always speak these other secrets, but simply let them go.

He held onto his darkest, deepest, most horrid secret for over twenty years, however, the secret that hounded him even now, even after all this time had passed by.

His wife Shannon and his only daughter Kelly, the light of his life, had been murdered by a pathetic excuse for a man, and he could not let it go, no matter how he tried.

So soon he decided to travel back to Mexico, track down and kill the man responsible for ruining his life and taking the only people he truly cared about.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs had murdered a man in cold blood, and from 1991 on, he kept it a secret, the one shame he could not shake away, and yet he never once wished she could take it back.

What was done was done, and now the man responsible for causing so much pain was gone.

Just as Shannon and Kelly were gone.

His greatest secret, his greatest shame, his greatest relief. All wrapped into one horrible truth he'd never speak to anyone.

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