He's annoying... but he's mine
He's annoying... but he's mine teen wolf stories

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Derek ponders on his relationship with Stiles.

He's annoying... but he's mine

I have never met anyone quite as annoying as that big-mouthed teenager. He is always speaking back at me, he is always challenging me and trying to push the limit.

Perhaps that's why I fell in love with him, perhaps that's the reason why I can't stop thinking about him.

Stiles is a skinny, geeky and silly human, no the kind that would catch my attention in a hundred years, but there is something about him.

He's smart, resourceful, and as loyal as any werewolf would be to his pack. He's one in a million, and I have found myself falling further and further for him each passing day.

The first time we kissed, I knew it. I knew he would be mine forever, as annoying as he might be.

He was meant to be my mate for life, and so I claimed him as my own, just as I told him I was his as well.

He seemed stunned, but his smile was bright and so sweet I knew I couldn't have been mistaken.

He's annoying, sure. And he's skinny. But I love him just that way, with all his flaws... and perhaps because of those flaws.

He wouldn't be quite so entertaining should he be quiet and stern.

Perhaps I was always looking for someone different from myself. Someone to bring humor and laughter to my life.

Stiles is mine, and it feels right.

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