Here comes the bride
Here comes the bride love stories

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A groom's thoughts as he waits for his bride at the altar.

Here comes the bride

We are all waiting for you to walk down the aisle, holding your father's arm.

I stand by my best man's side, fidgetting with my suit. I can barely wait to see you walking toward me, I can barely wait to see how beautiful you must look clad all in white.

I have no idea what your wedding gown looks like, you refused to show me or tell me any details.

I teased you about peeking in the photos on your phone and you got so mad: You wanted it to be a surprise.

The music starts to play. You'll begin walking toward me every second now, and I feel my heart beating so fast I'm sure everyone in the church can hear it too.

And there you are, looking like an angel in your gorgeous white gown.

Your father looks like he has been crying, and don't even think I've ever seen him puffy-eyed before.

Your smile could light up this entire place if we turned off all the bulbs. You look radiant, and I feel my heart skip a beat.

I hear myself gasp, and my best man chuckles by my side. I don't even look his way: I'm too enthralled by your beauty to stare anywhere else.

Finally, you arrive by my side. I hold your hand as you let go of your dad's arm.

"You'll take good care of my little girl, won't you?" He asks, and you shoot him a look.

You hate him calling you that, but this time, you smile and let it go.

"I will, sir" It's a promise I make both to him and myself.

We stand together, our guests to our back, the future ahead of us.

I can't wait to hear you say I do.

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