He'll tell me when he's ready
He'll tell me when he's ready danny phantom stories

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Jazz's thoughts about her little brother and her family as a whole.

He'll tell me when he's ready

I know about my little brother's alter ego.

I could confront him about it, make him tell me the truth... but it's his secret to keep.

I'll keep pretending I know nothing, playing the fool, getting him out of trouble without Danny ever realizing I'm helping him out.

I care about the little guy so much, and wish he'd trust me with this.

I'd be there for him every single step of the way! What are big sisters for if they don't watch out for their little brothers?

I worry about him most of the time. Worry if he'll be hurt or worse. I sometimes lay away at night when he's out fighting those creatures, those ghosts.

I wish I could know nothing's bad ever going to happen to Danny, but life isn't always so easy.

I wish he'd just tell me about the struggles he's going for. But Danny deserves his space, and I'm going to give it to him.

I love my little brother to bits, and even if he's completely unaware of my efforts, I'll always be there for him. Sometimes, Danny can be just as clueless as my parents.

I think I'm the only coherent member of this family, truly. They are all so stubborn and hard-headed, but I wouldn't want them any other way.

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