He used to love me
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It seems like a lifetime ago, but perhaps it's because the clock stopped ticking the minute he walked out the door.

He used to love me

Once upon a time, he used to love me.

A lifetime ago, I was in his arms.

Reality tore us apart, and he slipped away from my side, away from my lips, away from my dreams.

It was less than 6 months ago, but since then, everything has changed.

The world used to be colorful, spring smelled like lilies and roses.

Now I smell nothing. The world seems dull, grey. Even my once closest friends look like strangers to me now.

He said it was for the best, that it was time we both walked our separate ways, that in the end, we'd grow stronger. That we'd be happier in the long run.

How can I be happy without his touch when he taught me what happiness meant? I don't remember a past without him, and the future holds no promise for me.

I miss him every day, every night, every dawn.

I even miss everything that annoyed me about him.

What I wouldn't give to wake up in the dead of night and hear him snoring, as irritating as it once might have seemed.

He was the light in my life, the embrace I longed to receive after a long day at work. He was my hope and my joy and now...

Well, now he isn't mine any longer.

He used to love me, but I still love him.

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