Gather round the bonfire
Gather round the bonfire short story stories

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The bonfire has been assembled and the witching hour will soon be upon us! It's time to discover what stories will be told in the midst of night!
Gather round, and see if I can spin a tale that makes you sleep with the lights on for a week or so!

Winners: @Anuskaprusty, @ryaaa3 @Harriet_love @Socreepy

Gather round the bonfire

Friday the 13th is upon us! And it seems fitting that I should announce to our little coven of horror story lovers the winners of the challenge I issued a few days ago!

Gather around the bonfire, then, for tales that'll keep you up at night and make you wonder: "Was that just my imagination or is someone -something?- slowly opening the closet door?".

Anuskaprusty: Bhangarh Fortress. It is believed to have ghosts of over a thousand Rajput men and women there, who would not let you see the light if you stay for a night there. The place itself creeps me.

This sounds too good to pass up!

Harriet_love 2020-11-10 17:20:01.149471+00:00 Creepy kids doing creepy stuff is the fuel of nightmares!

Agreed, Harriet. I'll see if I can throw more fuel on that fire!

Socreepy What creeps me out the most is stuff that can happen in real life! Like serial killers, revenge plans, and scary stalkers.

Ryaaa3 Hey! Its been a long time!!! Glad to see you here again. Hmm... Im hella scared of serial killers. Would be cool to see one about that... Im excited to get sacred

Socreepy and Ryaaa3, you're right up my alley. Serial killers are my all-time-favorite when it comes to horror stories.

You never know when that shadow behind you might just be a real-life murderer who picked you as his next victim.

Let the scary stories begin! In the meantime, stay alert, don't ignore the shadows in the corner of your room, and never answer your doorbell in the dead of night!

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