Game night sucks
Game night sucks sherlock stories

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John refuses to host game night if Sherlock is invited.

Game night sucks

"Absolutely not!" John protested, crossing his arms and glaring at both Mary as she insisted on the worst possible plan for a Friday night.

"Dear, be reasonable!" Mary replied, giving her husband a tender look, trying to convince him for the tenth time that night.

"I'm being reasonable. I absolutely refuse to play any games with Sherlock"

"It will be fun!"

"No, it will not. If we play chess, he'll trick me into believing I have a chance only to pull a checkmate and make me look like an idiot."

"If we play clue, he'll figure out the culprit in two rounds."

"What about Guess Who?"

"He wins on the first round!"


"He knows all my tells"


"Have you ever spoken to that man? He will fill the board with words I have never heard of"

"John, game night is not about winning, it's about having fun"

"He makes it so losing is humiliating. I already feel stupid enough by his side, I don't need him teasing me about it all night long, thank you very much"

Mary sighed and shrugged, chuckling lightly.

"Sounds like you need a cup of tea"

"Very much so, yes. Thank you, dear" John smiled sheepishly accepting the warm cup of tea being offered to him by his lovely wife.

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