Following a (ridiculous) lead
Following a (ridiculous) lead fallout stories

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Piper investigates a mysterious case of a ghoul with the ability to disappear into thin air. Is there any truth to it, or will the journalist be wasting her time?

Following a (ridiculous) lead

It was Piper Wright's job to follow leads, however ridiculous they might sound. After all, she had a newspaper to run, and news weren't going to discover or write themselves.

She had been following a rumor about the Mayor of Diamond City having been replaced by a synth.

It turned out to be nothing but the truth; the real man kidnapped so that the Institute could place a spy in the government.

Seedy and messed up, if anyone asked her, and she had been the one to expose this truth.

Now, a new rumor was shaking the city's underbellies: Apparently, a ghoul was roaming the streets during the night, with the unique ability to disappear into thin air,

making it that much more of a threat to citizens and visitors alike.

It took Piper a few days to determine who had been the original source of this rumor, talking with old wives, teenagers, and bums as she dwelled deeper into her investigation.

Finally, her interviews led her to a decrepit bar, where a man by the name of Jack usually spent his caps drinking the night away.

This was suspicious that this could be the original source, but she needed to hear what he might have to say.

"Hey, I'm Piper W---"

"I'm not in the mood for talking, girl" The older man, bold and moody, replied, nursing the last drops of his drink.

"I'm here to ask you a few questions about a ghoul who disappeared into thin air when pursued. I was told you could know something about it.

"Buy me a drink, and I'll talk to you about it" He grunted, giving him a greedy little grin.

This didn't smell well to Piper, but confirming or refuting his story was worth a drink.

So she ordered the bartender another glass of whatever this drunkard was having and waited for him to begin with his story.

For what Jack had to say, he was returning home late at night when he saw a horrid ghoul roaming the streets.

Jack painted the picture of him being the brave savior of a poor girl who was about to be attacked by the creature, yet the ghoul had vanished into thin air before he could reach him.

Piper raised her brow sharply and asked: "And you had been drinking?"

"Yeah, but I sobered up when facing that---thing!" "Aha. And where could I find this girl?"

"She ran away from fear!" "Did you catch her name?" "No. No, she ran away too fast." "Ah, I see. Well, thank you for your time."

"I can tell you more if you buy me another drink!" The old man tried to haggle, but Piper had all the information she needed.

"That won't be necessary. Thank you for your time" She stood up with a heavy sigh and left the bar.

This was simply a drunk man seeing things and trying to boast about his bravery, nothing but a waste of time.

Well, it didn't matter! Now it was time to find another lead.

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