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Kanan gets frustrated with his padawan, but a different approach might just save the day.


"Your problem is you have no discipline; you don't focus. It's like every distraction I introduce startles you!" Kanan ranted at his padawan, as they stood on the ship's training bay.

"Aren't distractions meant to, you know, be distracting?!" Ezra protested back, rolling his eyes sharply.

"They are meant to test you. And don't roll your eyes at me."

Ezra replied by rolling his eyes again. Kanan sighed and looked up onto the hanging corridors above their heads. He noticed Hera standing there, witnessing their training.

"Remember, be patient" She mouthed, referring to a conversation they had shared a few hours ago. She had recommended him to try and reach Ezra through other, less harsh, methods.

The kid clearly didn't react well to authority.

Kanan nodded silently to himself and turned to Ezra, who looked entirely demotivated.

"Look, kid" He began speaking, and stepped closer to his padawan. "I know this all seems ridiculous and annoying... but think about it."

"When you face an opponent, you won't be given a chance to recover. Distractions will surround you. I want to help you."

Ezra bit his lower lip and after a moment of silence, nodded with a certain reluctance. "I know, Master"

"You have great potential, Ezra. I'm trying to help you tap into it." It was not easy for Kanan to open up, but Hera might be right. Perhaps a different approach was needed.

Ezra smiled then and looked encouraged, standing taller.

"Fine. You are right, Master, I need to focus! Can we try again?"

Kanan could just feel Hera smiling from above, and had to stop himself from sighing. This was good. This was progress, even if he'd have to admit she was right all along.

"Of course, kid. Let's go"

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