Finding peace
Finding peace genji stories

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Genji had to travel long and far to find his inner peace, after so much suffering.

Finding peace

Dr. Angela Ziegler had saved his life, she had been his angel in every step of his recovery, but there were scars that could never heal, no matter how advanced the technology used.

Genji remembered the horrible night his entire life came to a halt.

His own brother was the one to try and murder him, Hanzo had not taken kindly to his little brother's irresponsible lifestyle, and in the end,

it seemed that a slacker had no right to live any longer.

He was saved, that much was true, but at what cost?

By the time his missions with Overwatch were over, Genji decided it was high time to leave his companion's side and find the inner peace he had been aching for so long.

The acceptance of his robotic side, the past he needed to finally burry if he ever wanted to be happy again.

It took him many miles and months of meditation to discover that life could continue after such a horrible event.

And he knew he wouldn't have been able to come to terms with any of it if he had not met his mentor deep in the mountains of Nepal.

"You opened my eyes to a new life, a new reality" Genji spoke as they meditated. He knew Zenyatta hated him interrupting their moments of deep meditation, but he needed to speak his mind.

"I want to thank you"

"You found it yourself, Genji" Zenyatta replied, nodding proudly at his mentee "The answers were inside you all this time, they just needed to be discovered."

"All I did was nudge you in the right direction."

Genji smiled and closed his eyes once more, focusing on the meditation he had gotten so used to enjoying every single day.

Now that he was at peace with his past and his present, he could finally allow himself to heal, this time inside and out.

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