Father knows best
Father knows best game of thrones stories

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What Tywin Lannister wants, Tywin Lannister gets

Father knows best

Tyrion felt like a child every time he entered his father's office. It was high in the Red Keep's tallest tower. The Hand's quarters.

After all this time, after all, he had endured, still, he respected his father.

Surely he hated his guts, there was no doubt about it, and his father hated him as well, but that didn't change the fact that Tyrion always ended up obeying in the end.

He had married a young woman he loved, many years ago, and even if he wanted to go against his father's commands and refuse to enact the punishment

Tywin deemed adequate for his sin, he had still gone along with it. Broken heart and all.

And now, he was walking into his father's office, knowing all too well that he'd be accepting whatever idea he had planned out for his son's future. Talk about a spineless imp.

"Father..." He began to speak, but Tywin was fast to lift a finger, indicating his son should be quiet. Tyrion pursed his lips.

Tywin Lannister continued to scribble on a piece of paper, clearly a power play he had perfected over the years. Whoever was waiting had to stand awkwardly while he 'worked'.

If he wasn't so annoyed by being on the receiving end of it, Tyrion would have been impressed.

Finally, though, Tywin stared up at his heir, his expression stern.

"You are to marry the Stark girl, Tyrion" He announced as if it was not a massive piece of news. Tyrion blinked in confusion, and Tywin took advantage of his momentary stunned state.

"Any questions?"

"So many" He quipped back, ready to lash out at his father and refuse to follow his orders. Not this time.

Before he could begin addressing every single question he had, Tywin stopped Tyrion once more.

"You are going to get married one way or another, and she is going to be wed as well."

"If you choose to reject her, there are far less pleasant options for you to spend the rest of your life with, and I imagine little Sansa Stark won't like my other options for her either."

"So if I were you, I'd think long and hard what your reply will be"

Tyrion balled his hands into fists and exhaled slowly. This was not a battle he was going to win.

"Very well, father. I will marry Sansa Stark"

It was the best possible scenario in this situation... not that he was happy about it. Maybe, at least, he'd be able to protect the young Stark girl from her tormentors.

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