Fame isn't easy
Fame isn't easy castle stories

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Kate is irritated after an entire night dealing with the press and Rick's fans!

Fame isn't easy

"I hate it!"

It had been a rough night for Kate Beckett: She had been her fiancee's date for the night, as usual, during one of his book presentations.

The press was everywhere, girls jumping on him to try and get an autograph, flirting blatantly even if she was standing right there!

Would they act the same way had she been in her police uniform instead of that gorgeous dress Rick had insisted she wore? She doubted it, especially if they saw she carried a gun.

"I hate it so much" Kate grumbled, letting herself fall on their bed in frustration, and sighing heavily.

"I know, I know" Rick soothed her, trying not to laugh, and making a point of massaging her shoulders to relax her. "Fame isn't for everyone."

"I don't know how you handle it."

"Well, I'm one of those odd people who love being in the spotlight."

"You mean you are a self-centered playboy who cherishes the constant attention?" She retorted in mild irritation.

"Self-centered? Yes. Playboy? Not any longer," He replied, kissing her in amusement.

Kate kissed him back, smiling for the first time since they had left the party.

"Aren't you charming?"

"Always" He winked back and earned a giggle from the beautiful woman by his side

"I know it's hard, Kate, but you only have to deal with it every once in a while. I promise not to bug you with public appearances too often."

Kate kissed Rick once more and nodded, caressing his cheek.

"I love you" She whispered with gratitude.

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