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I'm endless, just like the universe around me.


I sit here, alone, staring at the endless sky. The stars cover a limitless mantle, and I feel both warmly protected and absolutely isolated by it at the same time.

This earth, this tiny speck in the universe, holds billions upon billions of lives, and yet I still find myself all alone, without anyone to keep me company.

Even when I'm surrounded by countless people, I know in my heart there's no one here. Not really. Because they might be standing around me, but they don't really see me.

They don't know what the secrets my heart holds.

Much like the universe, I'm endless. It wasn't always this way. I once was a baby, a child, and a young man.

But now? I have forgotten the face of my father, my mother's smile, and even my first kiss.

It was so long ago. Not a decade, or even a century. I've seen seeds grow into trees that threaten to cover the sky. Towns turn into cities and cities into metropolises.

I've seen kingdoms fall and empires rise. I've seen buildings try to reach the sky, much like humans attempted to back when they erected the Tower of Babel.

And still, I remain. Who knows for how long? All I know is that I'll outlive you, my reader, no matter when you find these words.

Once I thought being immortal was a gift. Now I know it's a curse. Why I'm being punished, I do not know. At least I have all of eternity to discover the reason behind my sentence.

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