Desiree's musings
Desiree's musings danny phantom stories

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Desiree's POV thoughts about his life and how he ended up as a genie-like ghost.

Desiree's musings

I loved him many centuries ago. I met the sultan and was smitten by him straight away, smitten by his power and his might and his smile.

He loved me as well, I know he did. He adored seeing me dance, we would spend hours in each other's arms, talking and laughing and sharing our lives.

I did not mind sharing him, it was the life I had accepted a long time ago, and I was content to enjoy my time with him, however brief it might be.

His wife found out, however, and everything went to hell. He had to choose, and he chose the wrong woman.

He chose that shrew of a woman, a woman who could not find it in his heart to share him just as I did.

I tried to reason with her, I pleaded with him, and yet I was still cast aside, vanished from his presence. My heart never recovered from the horrible pain he put me through.

We loved each other and yet it wasn't enough. It's never enough.

Now, I roam the earth and have for centuries. I make sure people understand the importance of what they wish for.

I wished to be with him, once upon a time and had my heart broken because of his own stupidity.

People will suffer the very same fate until someone realizes just how careful they must be when it comes to wishing.

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