Dearest Rose
Dearest Rose steven universe stories

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Pearl writes a letter to Rose, trying to cope with her no longer being around, even after all these years.

Dearest Rose

My dearest Rose:

It's strange to write about how much I miss you. It's such a human way of thinking, and yet it's true. I miss you.

You are alive in your son, your wonderful feelings and kind heart living through in him, but I cannot longer see you, talk to you, hug you. I miss our conversations; I miss having you around.

It's been 14 years, and still, I miss you. What does that say about me? You would be so proud of your son: He truly does take after you.

He's kind and compassionate and has managed to turn our homeworld gems onto the light, onto our side.

His kindness has been his most powerful weapon, his refusal to indulge in violence his shield against our enemies. Oh, how's he's grown, Rose, you would be in awe.

Steven is part of our life now, and I can't imagine a day without him either. He's taught me so much, and I didn't believe I could learn any further before he stepped into my life.

I wonder every day what happened to you, why you had to leave. I understand for Steven to be here sacrifices needed to be made, but surely there was a way around it?

I hold onto hope, my dearest Rose, another human emotion. I am filled with those nowadays.

Maybe one day... maybe my dreams will come back and we will be reunited.

I miss you, my dearest.


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