Dancing with her
Dancing with her labyrinth stories
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Jareth dances with his queen to be, certain that she is the right woman to share his crown with.

Dancing with her

Sarah was unlike anyone Jareth had ever met. Unlike anyone, he had ever attempted to draw into his world.

She was beautiful, she was perfect to take the role of his queen. She would marry him soon, he knew it, he knew she'd be his eventually.

Jareth was willing to give her everything she desired, his whole heart and his whole kingdom, yet he needed her to sacrifice something for him... her baby brother.

It was the only way to know she was truly and unmistakably his, as well as severing her links to her old world.

As Jareth danced with the beautiful Sarah, he became more and more convinced that she was perfect for him, meant for him. Born to be his queen.

"You are the most beautiful woman I ever met" He whispered huskily, holding the beautiful teenager closer.

She'd soon grow, become a woman and fall in love with him as he was falling in love with her. Then he'd have a companion to share his life, his kingdom, his crown with.

Sarah would be his. It was only a matter of time till she realized this was an inevitability.

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