Damned radroach!

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Preston Garvey is genuinely passionate about defending his city. Too bad he overreacted this one time!

Damned radroach!

"The raiders are coming!" Preston Garvey screamed at the top of his lungs, panic sinking in as he ran down the streets of the Sanctuary Hills.

The security system caught a strange presence, and so he had made sure all alarms were on, to alert every man, woman, and child in the Sanctuary that trouble was on the way.

He was confident it was raiders, ready to bring havoc to his beloved city.

Preston, as the senior officer of the Commonwealth Minutemen, was determined to keep this place, and its inhabitants, safe, so his reaction to a possible attack had been sudden and determined.

Too sudden, much to his misfortune, it would seem.

As a group of militiamen rushed to his aid, ready to face off a group of vicious raiders, it became clear what had activated the sensors and prompted Preston to trigger the alarm system.

A radroach.

Yes. A damned radroach Preston could have handled himself with good aim and one of his pistols.

His men invited him a drink to get over the embarrassment, but seeing every civilian chuckle quietly as he walked by didn't help his pride.

Next time, he'd make sure there really was an attack underway before making a fool of himself!

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